A little over a year ago I realised that the community in which I live, in Sydney, Australia, was sorely lacking in women’s learning activities. I found that my shabbatot were filled with superb conversations with very knowledgeable women, but our exchanges were always disjointed and somewhat fleeting. I felt as though there was great potential for growth and I am grateful that there are other women who feel as I do.

So, as a result of my searching, a group has been formed. A group of women learning on a shabbas afternoon. A group of open minded, professional, family oriented, Modern Orthodox women, all of whom are of superior intelligence and keen to extend their Jewish knowledge – both in theory and in practice.

We started out meeting once every 6 weeks, each time at a different person’s house and each time with a different person presenting a topic of interest. We discussed Lashon Hara, Tzniut, Purim and the role of women, Women and Rosh Chodesh and The Three Weeks. We have been very fortunate to have learned so much together and from each other.

In the last month we decided to delve into Pirkei Avot and it was this which inspired the creation of this blog. We were all interested in learning Pirkei Avot without losing momentum so we have been meeting weekly, on a Shabbas afternoon. We all have children and we all work and we are all tired. But, we are loving our learning and loving the contributions that we are each making.

My thinking was that a blog would be a good way for us to extend our thoughts about our Shabbas learning, a way to allow each other the time to add to the discussion over time.

I hope that you enjoy the journey.


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